The real tools of a painter

The real tools of a painter
Table of contents
  1. Who is a painter?
  2. The cloth
  3. The brushes
  4. A box
  5. A pallet
  6. Water container
  7. Acrylic paint
  8. Markers
  9. Varnish
  10. Soap
  11. The hand

To have a very presentable artistic work, it is necessary to associate a painter to it. It produces a color composition according to the desires and goals. For this activity, very specific tools are known for that. Take the first steps by familiarizing yourself with these tools.

Who is a painter?

The profession of painter consists of dressing walls, ceilings, and many other artistic works. To do this, you need a few essential tools. Do you think that you must have all the equipment before starting? No. To learn more about the necessary tools… What are the main essential tools of a painter?

When you think about doing it, there are the few tools that you can’t do without. These tools are used many times during painting. A brief overview of these tools and their importance.

The cloth

This very indispensable tool serves as a rectifier. On the canvas, in the event of a burr, you must use it to correct. Preferably old rags are used.

The brushes

We also use the different flat tip brushes. It is a brush for making flat areas. Depending on whether you use it on the face, on the edge or on any of its angles, its also allows you to make points, lines and many other things.

A box

Just a cardboard box of your choice to remove excess paint from the brushes.

A pallet

A simple old cover that can be used as a jar to make your mixes. An open container can also play the role.

Water container

It just serves as a thinner to thin the paint. No requirement for your water container.

Acrylic paint

This exists in a pot or in a tube but always acrylic and acrylic. Reassure the quality.


To make perfect strokes, it is highly recommended using the markers. They resist to acrylic varnishes.


This applies in the last position. At the end, it is used on several layers to bring out the clarity.


It is used to wash tools between work sessions.

The hand

Our hands, an indispensable tool. Brushes aren’t everything.

No more worry at this limited. These few tools already allow you to get started in the profession of the artist.

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